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My case for permanent resident was delayed on part of INS. Manjunath worked closely with me to get it expedited. My experience working with Manjunath was great. He is accessible & easy to work with. I recommend him highly to any one looking for immigration services.

"sanvid25 "

I have worked with this firm for my work visa, visa transfer, green card etc. Manjunath is very professional, organized and prompt in service. I would definitely recommend them for Immigration related matters.

"Vinod Metha"

Mr Manjunath and his team are very sincere and dedicated in the projects they handle and the way they handled my case was excellent and I would give them a 5 star rating.

"Karthik Swamy"

We had a very good experience with Gokare Law Firm. They took care of all the paperwork and we were given prompt attention of any issues during the process. I would surely recommend them for any Immigration related matters.

"Mohana Desiraju"

The Gokare law firm has been an extremely reliable, effcient and affordable full service immigration services firm. I have used their services for the past 8 years ranging from H1-B Visa filings, Green Card and Citizenship filings and I have never been disappointed. The firm keeps its clients abreast with every aspect of the case during the entire process. I highly recommend their services and you will not be disappointed.


I have had an excellent experience with this firm. They are very courteous and helpful. I would suggest this firm to anyone requiring immigration services.


Very professional and friendly towards clients. The firm has been in business for sometime and they have a very good reputation in the community.

"Bhupen Darji"

The firm has done an outstanding job of understanding the needs that I had and responded with multiple solutions along with great advice on which would be the most appropriate solution.They then have gone ahead and supported the entire implementation with clock work precision. The communication quality has been great both for timeliness and content. Would recommend the folks here to anybody I care for.

"Paramjit Soni"

Everyone in office are nice & helpful, prompt in getting the job done. And even in tight deadlines the job is done.

"Anurag Jain"

I really like their prompt service and personal attention to detail. In my over 16 years of dealing with lawyers, this law form is top 2 for me for sure.

"Rajan Devkota"

They are really good and make sure all the work is done properly. Very easy to communicate with them. Also correspondence is very good, always get prompt and quick replies.

"Viju Krishnan"

Great service level, prompt responses, reasonable rates - what more can you ask for!!! I would suggest them to one and all for your immigration needs.

"Arpit Bhoti"

Service is very prompt. Honest and very understanding firm. Very friendly staff explains law terms in lay man terms.

"Jaidev Dubey"

We have been working with Gokare Law firm for last five years. Manjunath and staff are very Knowledgeable, polite and always willing to offer valuable advice as and when asked for. Very prompt in calling back. Their service is excellent and not like many other law firms who are more interested in watching the clock rather than offering service. It has been a pleasure to work with a professional firm like that.

"Aegis Software"

Your support with the last NOID was instrumental. My company lawyers submitted the response you helped me prepare. Shortly thereafter, they received a call from the case officer who expressed that the articulate response helped clear any questions and that once we resubmitted our medicals (they had expired), he would approve the case.  We submitted our medicals last week and this week got this message.

“On November 29, 2016, we approved your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status.”

I will keep my fingers crossed until I get the card in my hands. I am hoping that this is an end to this 12 year ordeal. I appreciate your support through the years. Through multiple employers and roles, you have been a trusted advisor and have provided he comfort and guidance to get through this. I can never thank you enough for your help.


"Kunal Malhotra"

When I approached Gokare Law firm for processing my Green card. I met one of the finest Attorney in city, who had time to listen and work on my case in the most professional, effecient and quicker way. Take the Gokare firm services without having a second thought. I certify them as the best. If you had questions on your case Mr.Manjunath Gokare is just a phone call away and he would promptly adress your concerns. A firm that deals in a very professional manner. A lot of attorneys dodge you, when you call them, and sometimes its impossible to get their attention. But Gokare Law firm has a wonderful client support. You are in safe hands.

"Kamal Joseph "

Mr. Manjunath Gokare has been excellent to work with. The law firm is a very good partner and firm to work with on our Immigration Law related needs. They have assisted us over the past few years and we will continue to use their professional services. Xpanxion, LLC

"Kelly Johnson"

Excellent service. Very thorough. Recommended any time. We have been working with him for many years without any complaints.

"Kallol Paul"

I have hired Manjunath to represent my immigration(Green Card) and visa process. Not only the service was awesome, these are the people who know what they do. Their fees were economical and they back you until the end of your process. Mr. Manjunath is really a humble guy whom you can reach at ease and always has the answers/solutions for your questions. If you are looking for an experienced, efficient immigration attorney, I would highly recommend Mr. Manjunath.


I went to Gokare Law since a friend told me about them, to get help with a number of immigration issues and they were very friendly and knowledgeable and and very patient....I felt at ease at once. They resolved all my issues fast and efficiently (well as fast as one can dealing with USCIS) and I was very happy that I hired them to help me with my work Visa. Next I will probably ask them to do my green card also. Johanna Svensen

"Johanna Svenson"

Always very professional and reliable. A lot of times my friends ask me about the problems they have been facing with either lack of knowledge or being misled and I always try to help them by giving the Gokare Law Firms contact details and website and they always have good words to say about their experience thereafter.

"Raveen Arora"

I have been Manjunaths client for almost 6 years now and he assisted me with all my immigration needs. He answered my questions on time, gave me the attention I needed at crucial times and promptly processed my legal documents. He simply provides excellent service for a reasonable fee. I highly recommend him for any kind of client.

"Glen Colaco"

I have used services of Manjunath over and over again. He is very up-to-date with changes in laws and treats our case as unique - always. I feel very comfortable with him handling my case. I know I am assured that he and his rockstar team are doing their due deligence to insure that my case is presented in the best possible manner that would avoid pitfalls / etc. I strongly recommend Manjunath whenever you need a lawyer for immigration purposes although I know he does more than that.

"Picaso Thakkar"

Manjunath and Prajakta -- thanks a lot for saving my status. Thanks for getting my H1B approval in a week. Thanks for the good care you are taking on my Green Card Process.  You guys rock!!!!

"Devi Menon"

I am happy that I engaged Gokare law firm for my EB-1 Green card process.  I have read on many forums how their lawyer missed a document and then a RFE was issued on the case leading t more delays.  I would say the right knowledge with right processes is the key to GC process success and Gokare Law Firm offered that.  I am greened now and happy that I made the right decision and chose Gokare Law Firm.

"Subodh Raysoni"

America is the land of opportunity, and employers are first ones who provide them!!  Providing opportunity is equally important as protecting legal rights of non-immigrant workers and ensuring that immigration process is handled carefully & efficiently.  My employer hired Gokare Law Firm to handle their immigration needs. Initially I thought of them as any other law firm, but my perception began to change swiftly by their prompt and precise handling of papers. I was pleasantly surprised to see their professionalism right from beginning of H1 and immigration matters.  I am thankful to my employer for choosing Gokare Law Firm, and I consider myself fortunate enough to have them handle my immigration matter.  Without any hesitation, I can confirm that, they are deeply knowledgeable and pretty much aware of what would be coming ahead. Giving timely response to client's questions is their priority.  Besides providing immigration services, their firm also specializes in Wills and Trusts. I never understood these until I read the explanation on their web site. All information presented on their website is very straightforward, easy to understand and well organized.  I have very high degree of confidence in them.

"Ratnakar Verma"

I have used Gokare Law Firm for all my immigration needs for the past eight years. Their staff is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The easy access to all their staff makes them different from other law firms. I strongly recommend Manjunath and his team for all immigration matters.

"Rahul Sharma"

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