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GokareLPO is a Bangalore (India) based Legal Process Outsourcing firm providing end-to-end US Immigration Law services to companies and individuals.  We also offer expert US Visa and Consular services to individuals and companies.


GokareLPO has highly trained India professionals (Attorneys and Operations Staff) to address all your US Immigration Law needs.


Meet Our Team

Manjunath Gokare

Manjunath Gokare

Director, Gokare LPO


Shilpa Gokare

Director, Gokare LPO


Ashwini Desai

Director - Gokare LPO


Santhosh S. Rao

Practice Head/Attorney, Gokare LPO

Keerthan Maria Pinto

Keerthan Maria Pinto

Team Lead/Attorney, Gokare LPO


Soumya Agadi

Team Lead/Attorney, Gokare LPO

Mannat pic

Mannat Sabharwal

Associate Attorney, Gokare Law Firm

Keerthan Mohan Murali

Keerthan Mohan Murali

Associate Attorney, Gokare Law Firm


Sumathy Sivagurunathan

Case Manager, Gokare Law Firm


Vijaya Lanka

Case Manager, Gokare Law Firm


Sandhya Jamadagni

Case Manager, Gokare Law Firm

Manjunath Krishna

Manjunath Krishna

Case Manager, Gokare LPO


Aparna Narayanpethkar

Case Manager, Gokare LPO

Why Us

What Makes Us Unique?

Adept Professionals

Very few firms can match the intellectual capital of Gokare Law Firm and GokareLPO. We have assembled an outstanding Team of Professionals including: Attorneys, Case Managers and Operations Staff, who work seamlessly along product lines to serve all of your immigration law needs from start to finish. With our outstanding team of US and India based professionals, we are able to offer unparalleled and round the clock legal services to our clients worldwide.

Open Communication

We emphasize open communication and transparency with our clients on the applicability of complex laws to their unique circumstances. We listen intently to provide support, customised to your particular requirements.

Cutting-Edge Resources

Operating with state-of-the-art facilities, we are equipped with the latest sophisticated software, case and practice management tools, databases and servers to handle all your immigration needs.

Let’s Streamline Your Immigration Process

GokareLPO offers end-to-end legal support for all your immigration matters and visa application requirements.


Values that Define GokareLPO

Committed to Your Satisfaction

We take pride in our customer service as enshrined into our motto: "Committed to Client Satisfaction." Professionals within our firm are dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with an outstanding level of service.

Balanced and Budget-Sensitive Approach

At competitive flat fees, our attorneys offer outstanding legal support throughout your immigration process.

An Unmatched Passion for Law

Through references as well as through your association with our firm, you will discover that we emphasize innovation and employ creative approaches in tackling your unique legal issues.


What our Clients Have to Say