US Visa and Consular Services

GokareLPO recognized that the US Visa and Consular processes can be daunting to navigate.

In recognizing this critical need, we have assembled a team of highly trained India staff to handle the maze of US visa and consular processing for you. Whether you are a business or an individual, our goal is to take away the trouble associated with the US visa processes from you. 


Entrust your US Visa and Consular Processes to GokareLPO – you will be pleased!

US Visa and Consular Services

We Gently Steer you Through the Diverse Steps of the US Visa Application Journey

GokareLPO provides professional US Visa and Consular Services to businesses and individuals for their Visa requirements. We understand that US Visa processes at US Consulates and Embassy across the world can be confusing and daunting. We provide assistance with:

Our services include :

  1. DS-160 completion and submittal to the US State Department
  2. Payment of required US visa fees on behalf of the client and dependents
  3. Preparing support letters on behalf of companies (in employment-based cases) and on behalf of individuals (B-1 and B-2 visitor’s visa and F-1 student visa cases)
  4. Setup of biometrics appointments and Visa appointment interviews at US Consulates on behalf of clients
  5. Counseling client prior to visa interview
  6. Providing support on 221g denial issues
Why Choose Us?

Professional Support for all
US Visa and Consular Matters

Meticulous preparation of your Visa Application

We provide dedicated professional assistance for every aspect of your US visa application. From interview preparation to setting up relevant appointments, we manage it all.

Experienced in all aspects of US Visa and Consular matters

Our trained experts understand the processes and will guide you through every step of the way.

End-to-end support throughout your Visa journey

We are trained to make the process simple for you, be it immigrant visa or non-immigrant visa process.

Let GokareLPO assist you with the US Visa Application Process

Looking to visit, study, work or immigrate to the US? Professionals at Gokare LPO will help you successfully navigate  every step of the US visa process

What Our Clients Think

We have delivered expert LPO services to businesses and individuals, helping them immigrate to the US.